|The shows

“Le grenier” (The attic)

Show for theater/tent, premiere in May 2018

Length 1h15.

Description 5 artists, 2 engineers, 3 chinese poles.
Place theatres and big tops, frontal and circular.
Set-up 8m x 8m x 8m of hight, 6 anchor points, aerial points for scenography.

The attic is an invitation to discover a space frozen in time. A place filled with abandoned objects that whisper a story full of dust and allow us to glimpse into the past of their stories. Five people find themselves in this place in order to sort thoughtthese memories. During this process of dusting, they recollect their illusions, their desires and their forgotten dreams.

The attic evokes a time that fragments us, a time that separates us from what was. It traces a path between what we were and what we can become…




Lucas Condro choreographerDaphné Mauger choreographerSebastien Soldevila outside eyeMorgan Cosquer outside eyeJulien Brun scenography and light designDominique Vidale costumes, Lucas Dorier music, Antoine Hansberger technical director and light engineerBenjamin Favennec sound engineer.


Coproduction and support for creation7 Tours productions – Mourad Merzouki, Cie Kafig, CCN de Créteil – Pôle en Scènes, Espace Albert Camus, Bron – Festival Complètement cirque of Montréal – Carré Magique, Pôle Cirque of Bretagne – La Verrerie d’Alès, Pôle Cirque Occitanie – Espace Périphérique of Villette. 

ResidencyLa chaufferie, Philippe Decouflé DCA – La Grainerie, Toulouse – Nil Obstrat, Serge Clavier – Académie Fratellini – Jatka 78, Praga – Embelli Bain Douche, Rochessadoule.


Gilles Aguilar photo credit


“Entre nous…” (Between us)

Show for summer festival, premiere in July 2017

Length 40 min.
Description 5 artists, 3 chinese poles.
Place exterior, street, frontal, circular.
Sed up 8m x 8m x 6,30m of hight, 6 anchor points.

In an open space where nostalgia and human warmth intertwine, five artists from different backgrounds meet and reconnect around three Chinese poles. Complicity, intimacy, laughter and music merge in this show full of love that combines virtuosity and emotion. The 5 artists have developed a soft and emotional choreographic language around the Chinese pole. Acrobatics, dance, theater and music mingle to the point of being one.





Lucas Condro choreographer.


Coproduction and support for creation7 Tours productions – Festival Complètement cirque of Montréal – Collective Entre Nous. 

Residency: Embelli Bain Douche, Rochessadoule.


Valerie Suau photo credit