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The company Entre Nous was born in April 2017 and is composed by five artists of different nationalities all trained in the circus arts. They have travelled, mingled with different cultures, and have become citizens of a world without borders.

Now reunited, the group has chosen a common path and builds a future together. In its artistic process, the company hoped to create collectively, gathered around a passion for the Chinese pole.

Between lightness and gravity’s effect, a story unfolds before the eyes of the spectators. The acrobats evolve in tridimensional space blending acrobatics with movement to create a vertical ballet.


who we are

Héloïse Bourgeois
Heloise Bourgeois began acrobatics at the age of five with equestrian vaulting, trampoline and dance in Paris. After college, wanderlust led her into the circus world. The Montreal circus school, “Les 7 Doigts de la Main” and her duo with William Underwood gave her the opportunity to travel around the world several times. Specializing in hand to hand and Chinese pole, Heloise received a gold medal at the Cirque de Demain festival, performed in front of the Queen of England and participated in the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games of Turin. Having participated in 13 productions over the course of her 17 years of career, Heloise has created a universe on the edge of dance, theater and contemporary circus.
Matias Plaul
Matías Plaul, formerly a soccer and martial arts enthusiast, he started circus at the age of 20 in Buenos Aires. He is a multidisciplinary artist, equally attracted to theater and dance, and has worked and travelled with renowned circus companies such as “La Arena”, “Cirque du Soleil” and “ les 7 Doigts de la Main”. He has participated in more than 2000 shows in his career and has toured the world several times. Matias is a director, acrobat, dancer, actor and teacher.
Jeremías Faganel
Jeremías Faganel was born in Argentina and began his artistic training in Buenos Aires. He specializes in Chinese pole, swinging pole and cyr wheel. Gifted by nature, he also touches on aerial disciplines, juggling and acrobatics. He moved to Barcelona in 2010 and collaborates with many European and South American companies. Working with “Cirque du Soleil”, and touring with other shows and cabarets made him a solidly experienced artist.
Pauline Hachette
Born in France, Pauline discovered circus and street arts when she was young. In 2007, she graduated from ESAC in Brussels where she specialized as a hand-to-hand, aerial cradle and Russian cradle flyer. Since graduating she has co-founded aerial cradle duos: “Polinde”, and “Decada Volatil” and the “Coletivo Na Esquina”. Pauline has been touring for 15 years, from festivals, to contemporary circus, traditional circus and cabarets. Her career is a mix of different styles of circus; rich in meaningful encounters and comedic situations. A versatile artist, eager for discoveries, adventures and travels, she is forever enthusiastic for new collaborations.
Nicolás Fuentes Navarro
Nicolás Fuentes Navarro was born in Chile. He started his self-taught artistic path in 2009 training chinese pole. This led him to perfect this art form in circus schools in Europe such as Cirko Vertigo in Italy and ESAC in Belgium where he graduated in 2018. He is currently a chinese pole teacher at the Centre des Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona. He joined the company Cirque Entre Nous in May 2022 where he is currently doing Chinese pole.
Nicolas Fraiseau
Nicolas Fraiseau is a French-Italian circus artist. He attended the national circus school of Châtellerault and graduated from the CNAC in 2016. In 2018 joined the company “Les Hommes Penchés” after creating “Unstable”, his first solo show. He has worked a performer in various French companies and is an assistant director at the CNSAD for “Si la vie n’est pas un jeu”. Nicolas specializes in Chinese Pole, practices Slam-Improvisation and has developed strong taste for clowning and improvisation in general. He is forever motivated by risk and the unexpected.
Mathias Reymond
Mathias Reymond of Switzerland graduated from in 2012 the École de cirque de Quebec, specializing in Chinese pole and Icarian games. After school, he contributed to the creation of the collective A Sens Unique, and went on to collaborate with “Cirque du Soleil”, “Robert Lepage” and “GOP”. In 2015 he co-founded his company “Ici’bas”, which combines dance, circus and live arts. Hungry for art, he is particularly interested in researching movement, whether in ground acrobatics, partnerships or on the Chinese pole.
Sarah Lindermayer
Sarah Lindermayer started to train at the age of seven at a youth circus. As a teenager she was already acting and playing different kinds of music. After high school she moved to Berlin to train at the State Circus School and graduated in 2011 as a tight wire dancer and aerialist. Along with her circus training she always continued taking dance classes, theater workshops and private singing lessons. Since 2015 her new discipline is the chinese pole. Sarah is working around the world in really different shows as an acrobat, actor and singer.
David Ayotte
David Ayotte trained Chinese pole at the Circus School of Quebec in Canada. In addition to pole, he also learns Icarian games, juggling and clowning. Since he graduated in 2015, he has worked with “Cirque Éloize”, “Cirque Monti” and “Broadway Variety”. He has taught workshops in Europe and Canada, and performed more than seven pole acts in various cabarets and galas. Thirsty for new experiences, his curiosity and artistic receptivity allows him to push himself outside of his comfort zone during artistic creations. As a circus artist, he grows every day with the collaborations that life brings him.
Naomie Vogt-Roby
Naomie Vogt-Roby was born in a circus family. Therefore, from an early age, she traveled the roads of France alongside artists and big tops. She played the first role in the feature film "Parc" by Damien Manivel, presented at the Cannes film festival in 2016. She later studied at the Châtellerault circus school and then at the Quebec city circus school where she specialized in chinese pole and cyr wheel. She explores lightness in her acrobatics as well as in her movements in order to create her own artistic identity. Despite her professional beginnings in the midst of a pandemic, she collaborates in 2020 with cirque Éloize and she looks forward to the future as well as all the encounters that will keep her growing as an artist.
Jean Couhet-Guichot
Jean started circus at the age of 12 in different schools in the south of France. After doing a dance and theater conservatory in Beziers, he specializes in chinese pole at the circus schools of Balthazar and Lido. Upon finishing these trainings, he worked with companies such as "Tide", "Carré Blanc", "Dadzo" and "La Baraque". He also played music in the the band “Satisfaction” and founded his own circus company ‘’Les hommes sensibles”. To sum up, Jean is an acrobat, banjoist, break-dancer and magician.. and not only. This impressive set of skills only adds to his touching and contagious sensibility.


what we do


("the attic")

Show for theater/tent, premiere 05/18

The attic is an invitation to discover a space frozen in time. A place filled with abandoned objects that whisper a story full of dust and allow us to glimpse into the past of their stories. Five people find themselves in this place in order to sort through these memories. During this process of dusting, they recollect their illusions, their desires and their forgotten dreams. The attic evokes a time that fragments us, a time that separates us from what was. It traces a path between what we were and what we can become…


("between us...")

Show for summer festival, premiere 07/17

In an open space where nostalgia and human warmth intertwine, five artists from different backgrounds meet and reconnect around three Chinese poles. Complicity, intimacy, laughter and music merge in this show full of love that combines virtuosity and emotion. The 5 artists have developed a soft and emotional choreographic language around the Chinese pole. Acrobatics, dance, theater and music mingle to the point of being one.


gala and festival

" Solar system"

Act for gala, special events, TV show and much more...
Gold medal, Cirque du Soleil and Circuba prize in Saint-Paul-les-Dax international circus festival
2nd price of the 20th International Circus festival of Mureaux

"Solar System" is an uncluttered circus act where five artists evolve on three Chinese poles accompanied by music that is at times soft and mesmerizing and at times uplifting and frantic. By supporting, echoing and responding to each other, they accomplish vertical falls and vertiginous stunts. Inspired by the timeless and silent dance of celestial bodies, they orbit around their Chinese poles, which push them to defy gravity together as one.


in process


Moving show through unconventional spaces

Apart from strong acrobatic research through its physical commitment and innovation of diversion by the Chinese pole, the four characters on stage are engaged in a sensitive emotional journey. We are retracing the essence of humans and the ones who decide to free themselves by returning to the wild after reaching a saturation point in our society.

As we meet people from different backgrounds who have taken the step of breaking down, we immerse ourselves in their testimonies.

Using public space as our backdrop creates the best theatre for us to live this process and for storytelling because it allows us to be in direct interaction with and in response to the spatial context around us and the strangers observing us.

Understanding what states these people have gone through, both physically and mentally, will form the backstory of our characters; we will embody this journey from “breaking down” to liberation.

The subject is intense, and we will treat it in a tragicomic style so that it is digestible, sensitive, brilliant, touching, powerful and funny...
Human in short.


where and when



("the attic")




("between us...")


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